The Main Crew 

Cheryl on roof.jpg


Cheryl started painting when she was 18 years old, and hasn't really stopped since. While working with many different crews, she gained a ton of experience. She thought it made sense for her to create her own business. So she created a solo start up on the side named Cheryl's Paint and Paper. As time passed, she was able to stop working for other people, and built a small crew specializing in wallpaper removal and interior/exterior painting. 



Nick started working with Cheryl and his dad when he was just a kid. The home that they lived in was definitely a "fixer upper" so he was constantly around different types of projects. Nick went to CCTS for graphic design and spent his time playing sports like baseball and swimming. He worked with Cheryl whenever he could, especially in the summer. It was basically an apprenticeship. Once he got out of high school, he decided he wanted to help with the family business and learn even more about construction. 



Growing up in the same household as Nick, she had a similar upbringing. Throughout her high school career, she worked with Cheryl on weekends and summers. She graduated from Camden County Technical Schools in 2012, majoring in Pre-Engeneering. She specialized in wallpaper removal, but after years of working, she's become a jack of all trades. She is now going to college for small business management, while working part time for Cheryl & Son.